Islands and Beaches

Islands and Beaches


Travel for seven days to Thailand for a cultural experience of a lifetime with CP Travels.  Price includes the cost of flights, accommodation, and ground transportation. 

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Sample Itinerary* 

We build our itineraries based on your interest in order to maximize your travel experience. 


  • Weather Forecast
    • A full forecast for your dates in your select city
  • Local Map with highlighted Points of Interest
    • A general map of the city of your choice with points of interest highlighted making it easier to get around
    • List of hostels or hotels along with customer reviews and prices
    • Location based special events (festivals, celebrations, etc.)
    • Primary points of interest
    • Addresses and prices of local cuisine
    • Locations to nightlife/ entertainment spots
    • How to find Hidden gems
    Names of reputable sight-seeing tours
  • Useful phrases with translation
    • English to language-of-your choice phonetic translations and character (script, letter, etc. when applicable) translations
  • Tips on getting around and transportation prices
    • a guide to currency exchange and prices for moving about within the city
  • Cultural Do's and Don'ts 
    • A cultural etiquette guide detailing what to do and not to do while visiting your selected city.
  • Suggestions on when to go
    • Recommendations on the best time to visit a specific city to get the most bang for your buck