Hey Ren Tutors

Hey Ren Tutors provide a comfortable foreign language learning environment for all English abilities.

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Private & Group Conversations in Action(English)

Private Lessons: 1000Nt 1 hour

Group Lessons: 750Nt per student*

Maximum of 4 students per group


Private & Group Lessons(Mandarin)

Private Lessons: 1000Nt 1 hour

Group Lessons: 750Nt per student*

Maximum of 4 students per group


International Studies Counseling (English)

1000Nt 1hour

Includes: Assistance with applications. Writing training, speech training, research assistance, and consultations.

*Group conversations in action are conducted by two teachers. Students should inform Hey Ren Tutors of what they would like to focus on or need help with, and Hey Ren Tutors will cater the lessons to the student wants/needs. Everything starts with a conversation.


Hey Ren Tutors works with the following groups:

  • College students looking to work on their English conversation or writing skills

  • Adults seeking to develop their conversational skills through interactive based conversations

  • High school students who need help preparing for and getting into study abroad institutions/experiences abroad, and speech training.

  • Foreigners who want survival and introductory Mandarin lessons in a friendly/laid back environment.  

The key to language learning is confidence. Through teamwork, preparation, and communication we strive to ensure all of our students progress at levels most comfortable and effective for them.
With our wide range of experience working with children, students, and adults, we approach our craft with care, and make adjustments to our experiences so that they best suit the unique learning style that each individual has. Books are great, but we take a practical approach to learning languages via situational learning and focusing on teaching things you’ll actually need and should know in order to be successful speakers and writers of English and mandarin. We have fun and work together to ensure each student gets the absolute most out of each and every interaction.

Meet Your Teachers


Patrick Springer

Patrick is originally from St. Louis and has made Taiwan for the past 7 years. He previously served as the Head of International Studies at a private school in Taipei where he successfully sent several students to study abroad in America on full and 75% scholarships. He has directed and produced more than 10 drama plays for grades 7-12. Patrick is an avid traveler, photographer, designer, and is the editor in chief of Perspectives Magazine.

Classes Taught: Chemistry, Language Arts, Drama, Listening and Speaking, Performance Arts, Scholarship Writing, Literature, Graphic Design, and News in English.

Faith Causey

A relative newcomer to Taiwan, Faith has an electric personality that has made already helped this Indiana native establish firm roots. Faith brings a fresh new perspective and loads of energy to her sessions. She has trained top placing students in both the Readers Theater and National Diplomatic Envoys speaking competitions in Taiwan.

Courses Taught: Social Studies, Reading and Writing, Language Arts.

Carl Hill

Carl is from Chicago, Illinois and has lived and worked in Taiwan for 8 years as a manager and head teacher in Taiwan. He has directed and produced more than 10 drama plays for grades 7-12, as well as adults, while also training the top placing teams for Readers Theater and International Diplomatic Envoys in Taiwan. He is an avid traveler, with more than 40 countries under his belt and is an intermediate speaker of Chinese. He is also the author of the novel The Unexpected Perspective.

Classes Taught: Drama, Performance Arts, Writing, Science, Literature, and Social Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, News English, Listening and Speaking, and History.