South Africa has recently become a widely sought after tourist destination. For a long while the country was infamously known for apartheid laws akin to segregation and Jim Crowe laws in North America. Although apartheid has been disbanded, there are still traces of latent tension still in the air. As a whole, however, the country is considerably more tolerant and is growing into a cultural and artistic hub for expats and adventurers all around the world.

Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Africa, Cape Town sits right along the water and is backed by the iconic table mountain. Voted as the World Design Capital of 2014, the city has an unbelievable nightlife and is extremely modern and the budding art scene is top notch! This city was also the center of apartheid and the movement to end it. Be sure to visit Nelson Mandela’s holding cell on Robben Island while you’re here for a truly unforgettable experience

Pricing Breakdown**

    • Currently priced at $1300
    • Bay House Cape Town- suitable for 12 people, next to the beach, entire home- $870/night = $6420 for length of stay
  • TOURS*
    • Shark Cage Diving- $120/person
    • Wine Tour- $60/person
    • Table Mountain Tour- $35/person
    • Full Day Safari- $250/person
    • Half Day Safari- $150/person

*Prices are subject to change depending on availability and time of booking.

**Service fees have not been applied. Will be included in final price pending final selection.



Day 1- Dec. 26
Welcome to South Africa and the start of your New Year's Vacation! I'm sure you're tired from traveling halfway around the world so it's best to spend this first day relaxing and getting accustomed to your surroundings. Depending on what time you arrive you should consider checking out The Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens around sunset. There are live concerts on certain days and they often play movies. If you get hungry don’t worry; this open-air cinema has a food and drink merchants. Tickets go for about R79p/p to R159p/p.

Day 2- Dec. 27
To really kick off your trip, why not start with one of the most scenic spots in Cape Town; Table Mountain. The Table Mountain and Cape Town Half Day Trip will take you from the base of the mountain where you can take a cable car up to the top. After spending time there taking in the views, you will head back down and be driven to Bo-Kaap, the colorful Malay village, and visit the Castle of Good Hope 

Day 3- Dec. 28

Why not do something do something on the wild side today? Have you ever thought about doing a shark cage dive? This tour will take you from your home and to the location where great whites are often seen. Once the crew spots the sharks they'll lure them to your boat and you'll be placed in a shark-proof cage and lowered into the water. Totally safe, trust me.

Day 4- Dec. 29

So far you've hiked to the top of a mountain, and have been lowered into shark infested waters, so you're probably wondering what's next? Well, how about a safari? There are a few options for this: either a full day safari or half-day. Both will take you about 3hrs outside of Cape Town and into a natural wildlife park where you'll have a chance to spot the Big 5: Jaguars, Cape Buffalo, Elephants, Black Rhinos, and Lions.  

Day 5- Dec. 30

It's important to take some time off and just chill so there aren't any big events planned for today.

Option 1: Instead you can take the day off and lounge on the beach. I'd recommend Muizenberg Beach where you can surf, free dive, swim, or just lounge around all day. Afterwards, you can go to Beerhouse on Long Street and relax.

 Option 2: Use today to explore the southern peninsula. We’d recommend heading over to Boulders Beach to spend time on the beach and see the world famous Jackass Penguin. Because this area is a preserved area you must pay 65R to visit, but it’s worth it. After hanging out with the penguins for some time, head over to Cape of Good Hope, only 33 minutes down the road. 

Day 6- Dec. 31

Today is the big day! It's New Year! Spend the day relaxing at the house and getting ready to go out later in the evening. There are tons of parties in the city, but more are revealed once it's closer to time. Some good spots to hit are the Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore. Atop the hotel is a rooftop bar unlike any other. Harald’s Bar and Terrace is open to the public and offers the best view of the city that you can imagine. Make sure you have your camera.

Day 7- Jan. 1

It's a recovery day. And the best way to recover is with more drinking. There's a cool full day or half day wine tour that can be arranged. Constantia has a reputation of being home to the best vineyards in South Africa. You will visit between 2-4 wineries, depending on your tour package.

Day 8- Jan. 2

It's time to head home so spend the last bit of time you have left packing and enjoying everyone's company before you head out.