Terms And Conditions


Cancellation Fees

We understand that things happen and your plans may change which can lead to having to cancel a trip. While we hope you don't have to cancel your trip, our cancellation fees are as follows:

6 months or more before the trip- Cancellation fee is 25%

3-5 month before the trip- Cancellation fee is 50%

1-2 months before the trip- Cancellation fee is 75%

Within 30 days of the trip- Cancellation fee is 100%

*All cancellations are subject to a minimum $75 service charge, all deposits are non-refundable.


Payment Plans & How They Work

Paying for a big international trip upfront can set you back a pretty penny and can delay a lot of other plans that you may have. Our payment plans allow you to pay in regular installments so it's less of a financial burden upfront. When you click "RESERVE YOUR SPOT" you place a small down payment towards the full price of your trip. Depending on the trip, this can range from $200-$500. The full price that you will pay is listed on each trip. Deposits are non-refundable.

Three days before your scheduled payment is due you will receive an invoice via email. Late payments can result in cancellation of your trip and no refunds will be issued. Please contact info@cptravels.com if there will be a lapse in payment.


Privacy Policy

By using our website or the services offered, you are consenting to our use of provided personal information in order to adequately render a service. CP Travels respects your privacy and will not use, sell, or distribute or disclose any of your information to other sources without your consent. We do our absolute best to ensure that your personal information is safeguarded and protected, by adhering and acting in accordance with all applicable legislation, as applicable in the countries and regions in which we operate. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@cptravels.com

Transactions made through the website go through STRIPE and are subject to their terms and conditions.


Refund policy

CP Travels experiences are non-refundable. We strongly suggest that clients purchase comprehensive travel insurance should they need to cancel for any reason. We offer one-time transfers for emergency events. Clients will be responsible for the price difference if purchasing a more expensive product. There are no refunds if transferring to a less expensive product. To cancel or transfer an experience please reach out to info@cptravels.com