September: U.S. Road Trip- East Coast

September: U.S. Road Trip- East Coast


September 1-30

$2000  entire month

Segemented prices vary

Travel across the united states on an epic road trip. While visiting some of the nation’s most famous sites, we will challenge ourselves to get off the beaten path and discover the hidden beauty of our great nation. In addition, we want to truly uncover the meaning of happiness, live out our wildest dreams, inspire, and help others make their dreams come true as well. In every state we will help one person accomplish one thing at the top of their bucket list.

During  our trip, we hope to connect with as many people nationwide as possible to help their bucket-list dreams come true. Whether it’s a person's first time attending an Indy 500 race, or just their first time driving to another state, CP Travels wants to seek two members from each state to connect with and help them scratch an item off their bucket-list.

In addition to our bucket-list travels, we will also be stopping at universities, non-profits, and other organizations in each state to speak about the importance of travel and taking advantage of each and every opportunity education provides and more. As with the other Pay it Forward experiences of the year, we will continuously be raising awareness and donations for Brain Aneurysm and Lupus research. 


Trip Highlights

  • Site seeing from the Empire State Building
  • Capitol Hill
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • Bourbon Street
  • The Alamo 
  • Willis Tower 
  • The Magnificent Mile 
  • Universal Studios 
  • Niagara Falls 


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