July-August: Spain

July-August: Spain



July 30-August 7th

$2350 all inclusive from TPE*

$2000 all inclusive from NYC*

$2150 all inclusive from LAX, and CHI*

The Kingdom of Spain is comprised of 17 different regions each with their own unique geography and culture. Internationally known for its gorgeous beaches, phenomenal food, revolutionary dance culture, historically rich art scene, unique architecture, and one-of-a-kind festivals, This will be a week of fellowship, fun, and exploration.  Don't expect this trip to be all tourist attractions and walking tours as Las Morenas De Espana Community Director, Danni Roseman c/o 2011, has helped to make sure that we get an authentic experience of her adopted country. 

Trip Highlights

  • Explore Plaza Mayor, Spain's vibrant main square 
  • Walk through Buen Retiro Park, the vast 19th century park with several antique fountains
  • Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia for Spanish 20th century artworks by Gris, Dali, and Picasso
  • Roman aqueducts and suckling pig
  • Moorish culture

*All inclusive is the total price that you would pay over time with the CP Travels payment plan option. It includes flights, room, and ground transportation. 

**Full itinerary below


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Day 1 — Madrid

Our trip kicks off in the heart of Spain. The capital city, known as El Foro, is perfect for weary travelers looking to stretch their legs and recoup after a long flight. We'll spend the first day getting to know the city, hanging out in some of the various cafes and bars and soaking up the sun in Puerta del Sol. Madrid comes to life at night so take the first day to rest up because if there's one thing that Spanish people know how to do, it's a party. 

Day 2 — Madrid & Segovia *Optional

Day 2 is a all about taking in the sites and getting to know the city. Spend the morning in Buen Retiro Park, one of the largest in Spain. Once belonging to the Spanish Monarchy, the now public park retains all of the opulence of a time long ago. After an easy-going morning in the park, make your way to Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. The museum features art from some of the most well known painters and sculptors in the world, but their focal piece is Pablo Picasso's, Guernica. It's a massive political piece detailing the fire bombing of the Spanish city of Guernica by Nazi Germany. The piece is as stunning as it is impactful-a definite must see. The rest of the afternoon will be spent enjoying wine and tapas at various restaurants and bars- you deserve nice things and we're happy to oblige. We round out the evening with a flamenco show at La Casa Patas and a bar crawl in the nearby district.

For those of you not too tired from the flight, we can make our way to Segovia earlier in the morning. The city is most well known for the standing archways that compromised the Roman Aqueducts that brought water to the city from nearly 17km away. We'll spend the day marveling at Segovian architecture, visiting historical museums and a enjoying their most famous dish, cochinillo, or suckling pig. After spending the day in Segovia we'll make our way back to Madrid as the dusk approaches to meet with the rest of the group for the flamenco show and the bar crawl.

Day 3 & 4 — Córdoba

After breakfast we'll head off to Córdoba. Once the Islamic capital of Spain and revered as the biggest and most cultured city of Western Europe, the city now stands as a timeless homage to days past. The multiarched Mezquita is enough to make most travelers place it amongst their top ranked cities, but once you discover the hidden twists and turns of the city you're guaranteed to fall in love. Over the course of two days we will explore the town's historic Jewish quarter, marvel at the stunning architecture, and take in the night life along the riverfront.  

Day 5 & 6— Seville

After leaving Córdoba we head to Seville. The small-ish city is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the, rumored, home of flamenco dancing. Our time here will reveal the impact of moorish culture as seen in Plaza de Espana, The Alcazar, and Seville Cathedral. We'll also take in the legendary flamenco scene that put Triana on the map. As we are traveling in July, we will be able to take part in the riverside festival, the Santa Ana, which honors the Esperanza de Triana, the beloved virgin of Triana.


Day 7 — Madrid

We will take our time getting back to Madrid after a jam packed week of activities. The last day will be used to revisit any personal favorites, lounge around, catch up, share memories from the week and say goodbyes. 

Day 8 — Madrid

Depart at your leisure.