February: Philippines

February: Philippines



Taiwan: February 24-28th

$700 all inclusive from TPE*

America: February 22-30

$1300 all inclusive from NYC, LAX, and ORD*

The Philippines is an absolute dream come true and the perfect escape from the cold winter weather! While the entire country is comprised of 7000 thousand different islands we will be focusing on only a few of them. We'll land in the capital city of Manilla and catch a quick flight to one of the adjacent islands. Over the next few days we will ferry between different islands and partake in some truly unforgettable activities: sleeping under the stars, snorkeling with sea turtles, and swimming with whale sharks to name just a few. This quick trip is sure to generate memories that last a lifetime. 

Trip Highlights

  • Relaxing on beautiful white sand beaches
  • Get up close to rare and wonderful wildlife.
  • Pristine beaches and some of the clearest water you've ever seen.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba diving in crystal blue waters
  • Dune buggies and atv's 

*All inclusive is the total price that you would pay over time with the CP Travels payment plan option. It includes flights, room, ground transportation and tours

**Full itinerary below


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Day 1 — Manila-Cebu

After landing in Manila we will hop on another quick flight and head straight over to Cebu.  We'll spend the night in Cebu City relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow's adventure. 

Day 2 — Siquijor Island

There will be lots of boat rides today so make sure that you take motion sickness pills if you need them. After eating breakfast we'll take a bus to the southern end of the island. It's about a 4hr drive. From there we'll take a ferry to Dumaguete and then another ferry to Siquijor Island. The island is locally known as Mystic Island and is infamous for its voodoo magic. Since the island is so small we'll rent a car to get around and we will spend the day at Cambugahay falls and cliff jumping into the ocean at Salagdoon beach. We'll end the night back on Dumaguete.

Day 3 — Oslob

We'll want to get an early start on the day so we'll hop on the ferry and head back to Cebu Island where we'll take a bus to Oslob and arrive before 9am. Oslob is known for the Whale Sharks that gather there. We'll spend the better part of the morning swimming with a pod of about 5-15 of them. Afterwards we will go to Tumalog Falls which is a 15-20 minute motorbike ride away. The falls are absolutely stunning! Around mid afternoon we'll take another boat to Bohol and stop off at Alona beach.

Day 4 — Bohol

Spend the day exploring some of the many things that Bohol has to offer. We'll visit the Chocolate Hills which is a 3hr drive away, as well as the beautiful cathedrals, and get up close with tarsiers.

Day 5 — Cebu City

On day 5 head back down to the big pier and take a boat back to Cebu City. Use this day to relax, explore the city and rest.

Days 6 & 7 — El Nido

Catch a flight to Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island and head straight to El Nido, a 4-6hr drive for about $15. Once you're in El Nido then you can spend the next few days exploring an island that has been consistently voted as one of the most beautiful in the world. You can find a someone from one of the local dive shops to serve as a guide to climb the Tarraw Cliffs on the mainland. They will give you a stunning view of the city. You can also rent motorbikes and visit Nacpan Beach-definitely worth it. 

Day 8 — Manila

Depart from Puerto Princesa back to Mactan and catch your connecting flights home.