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Life Abroad and the Journey Home

Making what can be an epic choice to pack your bags and move half way across the world can both scary and liberating. Talking about how you'd like to drop everything and run away versus actually, in a sense, picking up and leaving everything behind and starting fresh in a new and foreign place are two completely different things.

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5 Types of Vacations To Take At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Planning trips can be difficult. Especially If you don't have the time or don't particularly enjoy planning. If your favorite travel agents, CP Travels, aren't available to guide you (they always are) then you should certainly try one of these vacations styles at least once in your lifetime. 

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Ling Lalekem: A Traveler's Story

Ling is a Taiwan native who has been traveling the world for more than a decade. Her travels had led her throughout Asia (Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea), Oceana (Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand) and South America (Chile, Brazil), while touching parts of Europe as well as North America.

In the following interview, Ling shares some of her insight as well as some advice for young female travelers. 

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Pay It Forward-Osaka, Japan

Osaka is rich in culture, tradition and sights and despite the freezing temperature and all of the touristy things that we did we still managed to have a very culturally engaging trip.

But, seriously, if given the opportunity to ride a Japanese voiced version of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, sip on Butterbeer and get your wingardium leviosa on, what would you do?

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Travel, The Ultimate Motivator

Why do we travel? The answer to this question is different for everyone. Perspective is everything when deciding when and how to venture out and see the world. Traveling, on its own, does so much and impacts everyone differently. There are plenty of reasons we can list regarding why the act of traveling is life changing; but the days, weeks, and months leading up to a trip you've dreamt about and worked so hard to earn shouldn't be overlooked either. 

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5 Reasons You Should Stay in a Hostel When Traveling Abroad

Years ago one scary movie came out about a group of teenager's terrible experience in a hostel and now some travelers avoid hostels like the plague. I admit, the first time I was told I would be staying in a hostel I wasn't all that thrilled either. Honestly, I had no reason not feel that way because I had NEVER stayed in one or heard much about hostels to even form a fair opinion. Don't be like me, be better. Stay in a hostel. Here's why:

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EuroTrip in Italy: Circus Maximus, Gelato, and the Colosseum

Watching the movie EuroTrip as a youngin' didn't really leave me with a desire to want to venture to that part of the world. When my friend Brad presented our Taiwan squad with the opportunity to experience a EuroTrip of our own I was down for it, of course, but my only frame of reference for what the experience would resemble was the movie EuroTrip. For better or for worse, I was excited.

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Trust Fund Choices Pt. 1: Why I Would Move To Vientiane, Laos

As much as I wish it were true, unfortunately I am not one of those people that has a hefty trust fund awaiting them once they turn 25. As sad as this may be (not really), it hasn't stopped me from making the most out of every moment in life and continuously striving to see the world. Plenty of people often think about what they'd do if they stumbled across a large sum of money.

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