An Expats Wish List

An Expats Wish List for 2018: The Little Things

1. Airlines to make the cost of Economy Plus tickets a little cheaper

2. For certain people from a certain continent to not push and shove when boarding an aircraft

3. For the baggage weight limit to increase ever so slightly. 50 pounds (23kg) is not enough especially when traveling internationally

4. For the people who load and unload bags to get a pay raise so that our bags come out that much faster

5. For the person at the pickoff/drop off spot at airports be a little more patient as I’m hugging my family good bye and they’re wishing me a safe flight

6. For the flight attendant to fill up My cup with wine a little higher when i order it on the plane. I didn’t pay for half a ticket, give me a full cup of wine

7. For United Mileage Plus to lower the requirements to reach Gold and platinum status just a tad. If I fly internationally 10 Times in one year I should be getting upgrades bruh

8. For realistic flight and hotel deals become more available sooner rather than later. Feeling as though you’ve “missed out” is real

9. For resorts all over the world to do away with the damn “resort fee” come on, it’s 2018 baby

10. For Uber to give the driver the option to tip riders because they’re just so damn awesome

11. When airlines mess up, be generous and give a little more. You don’t know who’s day you’ve ruined or how. Proposals are on the line here people

12. For hostels, hotels, and Airbnb’s check in time start at 9am instead of noon and some even 3pm. Wasted a whole day if your flight gets in early. Losing tourism dollars for your city, town, or state my brother. Check out times should be later too, why should we have to be sober the night before as a paying customer for your convenience.

13. For international flight meal options to be as good as if not better than Eva Air 長榮航空food options. Their economy meals taste like first class meals. Or at least that one first class meal i had when I flew once.

14. Wifi on international flights not to cost more than wifi in my home costs. Why am i paying $25 dollars for wifi in the air for 11 hours when you now I’m sleeping for at least six of those ?

15. Last but not least, I want to see more black people in the airport while I’m traveling, and for none of us to be “randomly” searched more for no reason.

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