5 Important Questions to Ask Someone You're Traveling with for the First Time.

Whether it's your bestie you've known for years, or your favorite cousin you've always wanted to hit the town with in a new city, knowing what their expectations of traveling are is important. Being prepared for the trip itself is key, but few things can ruin a good time faster than your travel companion saying or doing something that you simply weren't prepared for. Stay woke, and ask these very important questions.

1.   Early bird or a late riser?

Since most of us are accustomed to being awake at a certain time for work and other obligations, when vacation kicks in those time restraints tend to go out the window. While that may be the case for most, it's not for all. Especially when you're traveling to a once in a lifetime place (for some) like the Maldives, Antartica, or Hawaii. Regardless of the place, some people just like to get up early too see all that they can while in a new place. Others, simply don't. They'd rather sleep in and do what they can't during a work week, and then enjoy what the evening has to offer.

When traveling, if you don't know in advance which side of the spectrum your travel mate lands, it could cause some easily preventable tension during the trip. Advance notice affords you the opportunity to plan accordingly to make sure you not only maximize your own personal travel experience, but also that you're able to link up with your travel pal to create some amazing memories as well. 

2. Taking it slow, or trying to see it all?

Like anything else, you have to set a pace for how you want to travel. Is your travel mate up to the task of tackling all or most of the must see places in your new location, or would they prefer to see a few gems and then party like it's 1999.  Whatever the case, you definitely should know before hand. There are few things worse than being at an attraction in a new place having the time of your life, only to look over to see your travel mate with the stank face.  Asking your pal in advance what's their style will save you a lot of time and a lot of make up tequila shots money. 

3. Eating good, or eating in the neighborhood? 

Eating is a necessity. What you eat while at home versus when you're out and about in a new place can be quite different depending on where you choose to vacation. In a new place where you're not as familiar with the spots to get the best bang for your buck, knowing whether your travel mate is looking to explore local mom and pop shops on the lower end of the cost spectrum, or if they're all about the three course meal that dent pockets a little faster than the alternative, matters. Vegan, vegetarian, or full on meat lover, where ever the cards lay it's best to know ahead of time which cards you'll be playing with. If you're anything like me and don't play around when it comes to food, then make sure you know before you go. 



4. Designated Survivor 

When the party gets going and you find yourself or your travel mate buying rounds of drinks for your new temporary party crew, knowing each others limits is key to insuring the night doesn't take an unexpected turn for the worst. If you can do shots all night and wake up the next day and be fine, good for you But if one drink leads to an early night for your buddy because they don't have it like they use to, that can be problematic. It's hard enough being left hanging, adding the unexpected twist of not knowing you potentially will while on vacation makes it's worse.  Sharing is caring, so be sure to share this with your travel buddy.   

5. What don't you want to do?

When planning a trip talking about all the cool and amazing things you can do is easy. These are the things they get you excited for the experience, help you prepare your outfits, and leaves you dreaming of the nearly perfect selfie you'll be able to capture for the gram and all of your Facebook associates. It's what you don't want to do that's often glossed over. As a seasoned traveler, I would always suggests have few to no things on a "things I don't want to do" list for a new place. Part of the experience of traveling somewhere new is being sure to do things that you normally wouldn't do otherwise. This isn't the case for everyone. If you can't swim and are terrified of water but you're going somewhere that provides plenty water based activities, this is certainly a conversation worth having. I know from experience, my travel buddy convinced me to swim with whale sharks, jet ski, and parasail all while not knowing how to swim. Not everyone is about that life. 

When traveling in pairs or groups the expectation of the experience will vary for each individual who will be a part of it. Sifting through these key questions isn't and shouldn't be difficult, but is definitely worthwhile and helpful in avoiding any mishaps during the trip of a lifetime.