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The first road trip went well and neither of you wants to cause physical harm to the other; great job. Now y'all are ready to take it a step further by taking a baecation abroad. This is when you're faced with the tough decision of settling on a location. One of you wants to go to the beach and would love nothing else more than just lounging around and soaking up the sun on a resort. The other wants to be in the city and take in the noise, movement and chaos that contribute to the culture of being in a new place. How can you pick just one when there are so many different choices, especially when you don't even know where to start? Luckily for you, I've made this easy (and fun) to read list of cities in different countries that you and le boo can visit together. 

*Let me just get this out of the way now so you're not reading and expecting something that's not going to happen. I AM NOT GOING TO RECOMMEND PARIS, ITALY, THE MALDIVES OR DUBAI AS AN INTERNATIONAL BAECATION LOCALE. I will go over my reasons why in a later article, but if you absolutely cannot stand waiting and MUST know why, right at this very second, then please let me know in the comments.* 

Photo by  W illiam Stitt

Photo by William Stitt

1. Bali, Indonesia

Vacation like the Obamas on a budget. You can find a roundtrip flight from most major hubs for about $500 (and if you can't, we can) and you can rent a villa with a private pool and beach views for $60/night. Add to that the average cost of a meal is less than $5 and you're golden.

2. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei was recently voted as the country with the highest quality of living by expats. As I'm a current resident and have been so, I can safely say that this is absolutely true. Taiwan has one of the most efficient metro systems in the world, one of the most diverse landscapes- white sand beaches at the south, black stone beaches along the east coast, a network of mountains that runs through the middle of the island, and large cities that dot the west side- and a popping night life. Did I mention that it's super affordable? With the average household income coming in around $25,000NTD/month ($800usd) everything is very reasonably priced.

3. Thailand-All of it

I tried to think of a single place to recommend in Thailand, but I couldn't. In the north you can visit Chiang Mai and trek through the jungles on elephants and live in a bungalow. In the south, there's Phuket and Ko Phi Phi which are consistently ranked as some of the top beaches in the world. In the middle, you have the country's capital city; Bangkok. Bangkok gets a bad rep, but it's actually a very lively city that's rich on culture, tradition and has wonderful food. 

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is another city that gets an unfair reputation. Many people think of it as a lecherous place, but it's actually not. The city believes in tolerance and acceptance of all people. It was one of the first cities in Europe to protect the rights of gay, lesbian and transexual peoples, and their lenient drug and sex policy is actually very well monitored and safety is their main priority. What makes Amsterdam such a great place to visit with bae is that the city itself is absolutely stunning. It's network of canals is easily navigable by bike-that's actually the preferred method of transportation- and there are beautiful parks, museums and plazas to visit. It's perfect for a quick getaway for a special occasion.

5. Belize City, Belize

If you've ever dreamt of visiting Australia's Great Barrier Reef then you should definitely consider Belize instead. Belize's coral reef is rich and vibrant and it's also home to the Big Blue Hole- a massive underwater sink hole that forms a perfect sphere 108m deep. If you and your lover love the water, then this is the place for you. 

6. Madrid, Spain

Madrid has something to offer everyone. You like art? Go to Reina Sofia.

You like dancing? Flamenco shows galore.

You like wine? Go to the store, it's 1€.

You like food? Just walk around and pop into any place, it doesn't matter. It's all good.

You don't want to do anything else but sit around and people watch while drinking sangria? Plazas. 

It really doesn't matter what you want to do, you can do it in Madrid. They even have a beach.


There are literally a ton of places that you and your special friend can visit. What's most important when finding a vacation spot is to discuss what you both want and do your research. Be honest about your budgets and set realistic expectations. If you both put the work in and plan together (or hire excellent travel agents to do it for you) then you're sure to have an unforgettable trip.