Travel, The Ultimate Motivator

Why do we travel? The answer to this question is different for everyone. Perspective is everything when deciding when and how to venture out and see the world. Traveling, on its own, does so much and impacts everyone differently. There are plenty of reasons we can list regarding why the act of traveling is life changing; but the days, weeks, and months leading up to a trip you've dreamt about and worked so hard to earn shouldn't be overlooked either. 


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Let's be honest, some of our jobs and careers are pretty mundane. It's the same schedule day in and day out; the same people, the same lunch, the same back and forth between work and home. That level of predictability can really weigh on your spirit after a while and while it isn't necessarily the work itself that has lost its luster (though in some cases it is) or that certain work related tasks have become unsatisfying, it's sometimes because we need to recharge our batteries and shake things up a bit to regain the fire that we had when we first entered the work force however long ago.


Being able to look up at a calendar, swipe through a cellphone, or seeing flight updates and notifications about a trip makes fighting through those days that much easier. Your supervisor's off the wall requests, while still annoying, bother you a bit less because you can feel paradise lurking in the distance. That annoying co-worker and their stories are much easier to zone out from because getting lost in daydreams of how you'll spend your time on the beach and discovering hidden gems is far more interesting.

Walking out of a ridiculous meeting and sitting at your desk with no glimpse of hope is depressing, but coming back, sitting down, and being distracted by the adventures you know you're soon to have is certainly a game changer. Suddenly that meeting becomes irrelevant and everything gains perspective. That thirty minutes to an hour of your life heralds in comparison to what truly maters; your happiness and your life that you control.  


Treat yourself. No seriously, treat yourself. Everyday we make choices that impact others.  Every once in a while it's important to make a decision that's just for yourself; booking a unique travel experience is a great opportunity to do just that. The build up and anxiety to committing to something so powerful for the future is so worth it the moment the payment posts and the confirmation is sent. Immediately following the personal moment of joy and liberation is the announcement via text or social media to those close to us letting them know that things just got real.

This is evidence and proof of how the pre and post travel experience is good for the soul. It motivates and drives us to be better while encouraging those around us to do the same. All of a sudden the same effort and tenacity that we used when trying to convince our bestie to join us for a night out on the town gets shifted to getting that same person and others to join you for an adventure set to provide a lifetime worth of unforgettable memories. From there, budgets are made, expenses are cut, lifestyles are evaluated, and everyone's on top of their game in all aspects of life. The only other thing that was that much of a motivating factor was grandma's switch.


Like life, travel is a process. Every step in the process is meaningful and should not be taken for granted. Life comes at us quickly and time passes just a fast. It's easy to get caught up in what we think we need to be doing and what seems best given our immediate surroundings, all the while neglecting an entire planet of culture, customs, food, and experiences that are there waiting to be explored. It doesn't take much to motivate most people, but venturing half way across the world to see and experience life in ways you could only imagine or see on TV is a great place to start.

What's your motivation?