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In March 2018-we will begin traveling for our For The Culture year long travel event . The goal is to learn and take in as much history and culture as we possibly can to share via video documentary, written essays, and photographs. We will travel for the remainder of the year until we have enough information to express and represent each culture we encounter to the fullest, all while raising awareness for our two charities "Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter, and The Bee Foundation For Brain Aneurysm Awareness" and giving back to the community.

It doesn’t stop with just going, creating, then producing. We also vow to visit 100 high schools/universities throughout the United States to share pieces of our journey with young learners and more. Our goal is to continue not only telling but showing them the world and all it's wonders, in hopes of inspiring them to dare to do more and be great in their own right. The world has so much to offer, and every student should be aware of the many options that await them both inside and outside of their community.

Each contributor/donator will receive a hand written letter with a photo from a random or chosen destination we visit. They’ll also receive a usb with photos and videos from our journey. 

Here is where the project is discussed in detail as well as discussing what this can mean for many communities that we are a part of and more

As seasoned travelers that have been to more than 40 countries, we're more than excited, anxious, and prepared for this. This is bigger than us. This is for more than Culture. This is for The People.

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