The Benefits of Owning Your Vacation

It's Supposed to Be About You 

Vacations, no matter what the occasion, is when being self-centered and selfish is absolutely acceptable. After weeks, sometimes months of grinding and working hard toward whatever objective comes across the board, a stretch of time where everything is designed and catered to your liking can be just what the doctor ordered. While it is easy to be lured to and settle for a packaged deal that highlights "some" of what you're looking for, you can miss out on making the absolute most of your trip in the way that not only is most beneficial, but also most memorable for you. 

Controlling Your Fate

There is a lot of comfort in ownership. Ownership alleviates stress in a lot of ways, and eliminates the worry that comes with renting and risk taking on someone else's dollar or time.  Going with tour groups on a pre-planned schedule where you have  to stick with a group, and must see the things listed on the travel itinerary can at times take away the adventure aspect of travelling. CP Travels gives you the information and flexibility to know what options are available to you and where exactly they are, all while you're able to maintain complete control of when and where these events take place.  Unexpected events happen all the time when traveling, and that control can make a world of difference when on vacation.

The ability to go to a place where you only planned on being for a short time, and having the flexibility to stay longer without worry after realizing you're having the time of your life is a liberating feeling and experience while traveling. The same can be said for the flip side. Loving the live music on the beach in Bali, Indonesia? Stay awhile and leave when you want. Not so much in love with whale watching along the coast? Mosey on over to the nearest museum and get your cultural fix. You can decide whatever you like because you own your own vacation.


In A World Full of Selfies, Be The Stick

Traveling can open doors to many new and exciting things that are available all over the world. It's also a way to meet extraordinary and stimulating people from all walks of life. From stopping into a tourist center, local shop, or park to ask for directions, to asking a nice couple to help capture the perfect photo to share your travel journey with friends and family; being open to meeting and interacting with new people on a daily basis is another thrilling aspect of travel.  

From locals to backpackers, embracing new people and experiences will make the adventure that much more rewarding. While it's important to take that much needed time to yourself to escape reality, it's also advantageous to meet and interact with people who are more than likely very different from your regular social and professional circles. These interactions can be just as refreshing as the feeling of the first toe entering majestically soothing ocean waters.

Get Lost! 

Hidden gems are located on every corner in a new place. What better way to find them than by getting lost! Not saying that you should venture out alone into strange or dangerous looking places, that's just silly. However, the occasional unplanned detour or going to explore something up close that looks fascinating from a distance in a new place is that much easier when you own your own vacation. Sometimes interesting local cultural places are footsteps away from the touristy areas. With maps, GPS, and wifi discoverable pretty much everywhere you're never really lost.  Thus embracing the thrill of an unplanned turn every now an again should certainly be welcomed while on a travel adventure. 


Your Story, Your Way

When you can look into a fifth graders backpack and see them pull out homework, crayons, pencils, and then a cell phone; it's hard even for adults to fathom leaving the house let alone the country without a mobile device for some kind. However, there's nothing worse than sitting down at a beach, enjoying a fresh fruit smoothie with sand between your toes only to feel the vibration of your phone with a notification reminding you of something not nearly as pleasant that either has been done or needs to be done no where in the near future.

To be saved from this happening, even if only for a day, put the phone away. Wander carelessly about in your new environment and embrace every moment of liberation from worry and responsibility. If your fingers get that itch, grab a pen and pad and document everything you see. Leave a story for yourself and others to open one day, read, and relive those precious moments with you all over again.  Reflect on how rewarding it is and feels to be responsible for both your personal and professional success. The tours you discovered while getting lost. The people you met when in need of a photograph of you in your surroundings. The things you found by exploring hidden gem recommendations from CP Travels. The decisions you made while traveling that made your experience that much more enjoyable. Capture in words the way you owned your own vacation. They say "life is what you make it." Shouldn't your vacation be as well?


Photos taken by Carl Hill Jr.