Travel Prep: The First Steps

When the opportunity to travel arises, there are several things that need to be taken into account. Often so much time is spent on how traveling will affect everything else going on in life that the trip itself is pushed off and a seemingly inevitable delay or cancellation altogether is the end result. 

When presented with the opportunity to travel, here are a few keys to making that plan into a reality:


1. Flip a Coin

With so many places in the world, sometimes it's difficult to choose just one or two to visit during your vacation.  Grab a globe spin it and stop it with your finger, or get a map close your eyes and point. Do whatever it takes to narrow your selection down to four locations. At that point, pair the two together and flip a coin.  There is no use in spending days researching several different places you could travel to, when you could use that time to adequately research the two places you're already set on going to and having the time of your life there. It's disheartening to spend a month just trying to figure out where exactly you want to go.  K.I.S. Keep it Simple. As soon as the chance presents itself, within the first ten minutes pick a place. It'll make the remaining process that much easier


2. Frequent Flyer Lives Matter

If you're a part of a frequent flyer program, good for you. If you're not, become one. There's something about boarding in special line, and having your preferences automatically saved online that makes looking and booking airline tickets that much easier. It may cost a bit more to fly on your favorite airline from time to time, but the long and short term benefits are worth it. Being a member of a frequent flyer program changes the mindset, and gives the sense of belonging that can encourage traveling more frequently. From complementary upgrades, to using miles to stay in lounges and even book your next flight for FREE, belonging to a frequent flyer program makes the decision to travel that much easier while literally putting you a class above the rest.


3. Location, location, location

After you've figure where you'll be, focus on WHERE you'll stay and not where you LIVE while traveling.  More times than not if you're in a good location there will be really good accommodations situated around some of the best places to be housed around the world.  Doing the opposite can sometimes will put you in a very nice establishment away from the best entertainment, culture, and food, and only close to the necessities that will most likely lead to you staying in one location, or even worse, in your room for the majority of your vacation.  Put yourself in a position where you can stretch your legs, get out and explore without it requiring you to spend most of your day searching. 


4. Baggage Claim Is For The Birds

From standing in line waiting to receive your boarding pass, then to the security area waiting to be searched for clearance, then on to the immigration line for identity check, and finally the boarding line for passengers; the last thing you want to do is after a long flight is have to stand in another line just to pick up your bags and head to your next and final destination. Mastering the art of packing light is a life skill that will save time, energy, and effort for even the most well traveled person in the world.  A good question to ask yourself when packing is "where I'm going, am I really going to use this?" Asking that question before you place any item into your luggage will save you weight, space, time, and help make sure you don't go over the 7KG weight limit.


Carl H- 

Photos by Patrick Springer, and Carl Hill Jr. 



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