I Am Taiwanese, And This Is Why I Want To Travel

Life is short and we only live once. So it's important to live a life you will remember. There are so many things waiting for us to explore. Travel is one of the best ways to enjoy life and broaden one's horizon. And this is the main reason why I want to travel.

I love Taiwan dearly, and am glad to have been raised in such an amazing place. But as I went through school and continued to learn about the world around me and what it has to offer, I grew weary of potentially falling into a  mundane life filled with the same old things and experiences that  happen on a daily basis.

When these kind of feelings start popping out, I will think about traveling. There are two ways of traveling. You either go with a plan or go without one. I personally prefer to travel with a plan because I want to know which food is famous, which place is worth visiting, and I don't want to miss anything that is recommended by CP Travels.

Another thing is that knowing where to go allows me the ability to arrange my time properly. My excitement for traveling can not be described. I like the difference of the food and cultures of all the places that I could potentially visit. I like the landscapes which take my breathe away. I like to make friends with people throughout the world that are unlike me. I like everything about traveling.

Life can be black and white or colorful, it depends on how you live and your lifestyle. There's so much fun and adventure that comes with traveling. So many things waiting to be revealed. If you're in low tide, if you're seeking of happiness and new things, maybe it's time for you to travel !

Carl Hill Jr.Comment