Captain Luminous: A Bird's Eye Look at My Life

My name is Siaga Johnson and I am a 25 year old African American born in New York, but raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am also a dual citizen to my mother's home country,  The Kingdom of Lesotho and have part ethnicity of The Gambia, my father's home country. Having parents who worked for the United Nations, international exposure in terms of travel and interaction with people from different parts of the world was the foundation of my upbringing.

For my entire school life I attended the International Community School of Addis Ababa, from where I graduated in 2007 with my High School diploma. Thereafter, I relocated to Norfolk, Virginia to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Philosopy at Old Dominion University, finishing in 2012. Since then I remained in Norfolk to pursue training to become a private pilot and to obtain other professional aviation certifications.

As a result of my international upbringing and the various interests I was able to cultivate an unwavering passion for travel and my interests in learning about different cultures, aviation, cooking different types of cuisine, and photography emerged and have stayed with me. 

After finishing my studies at Old Dominion University I embarked upon a three year sabbatical to hone in on skills that I thought I needed to develop and also to have time to travel extensively to foster personal growth. During this time I was able to turn my passion for aviation into a pursuit of flight training and thus became a private pilot. I exervised my interest in cooking meals from a variety of cultures that I have been exposed to and started a food service company that specializes in various dishes from around the world. I traveled to two countries in Europe, several in Africa and the Middle East, and recently returned from a trip to South America.

Having been able to further these passions and manifest them into tangible parts of my everyday life, I feel eager to now offer these skills to the world, by connecting with people and helping each other manifest our dreams and exercise our passions in such a way that we are able to not only experience the world's beauty, but make it more beautiful by participating abundantly in it and all the things it has to offer. 

On my most recent trip to Brazil, I went there without knowing a single person, but went with the attitude that by interacting closely to their culture, I would indeed be able to connect with at least one person who would help to show me the multifaceted beauty of Rio.

I was fortunate enough to meet a tour guide there who not only showed me what I wanted to see, but as a result of a seemingly instant friendship, was able to take me under his wing, welcome me into his family and make my stay as comfortable as possible. Through this type of experience not only was I able to visit a place that I had never been to before, but I was able to call Brazil one of my many homes in this world.