Discovering Iran, Liya

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Iran is the first Islamic country I ever visited.  It is a world and culture that I was not familiar with. The language they speak, their numerical system, and the rules between women and has always made me curious of the culture and people, but also a little worried as well.

I thought being invited to a local house that would not happen on me, or that it’s just the right of male travelers. During my journey to the Bazar of Isfahan, I got totally lost. The alleys are all very similar in style and there weren’t any signs to guide me.

I could not speak any Farsi, the Native language, in the beginning of my trip, so I needed to ask for help. I tried to find a woman to talk to, and finally I saw an old lady walking in my direction.
In the beginning she was a little bit nervous to talk to me but i showed her my lonely planet book and pointed to the place where I was trying to go.

After she realized my problem, she started to smile and told me she would take me there.
On the way to the bazaar, we passed one of the small alleys. She stood in front of a house that had a white gate. She said something to me but the only word that I could understand was the word ‘’tea’’. After a while, I figured out that she was inviting me to have a cup of tea in her house.We went inside and she gave me a tea and some fruit. After about 20 minutes, she put on her Chador again and took me to the bazaar.

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Before I went to Iran a lot of people asked me what impression I had of Iran. I decided to keep an open mind as from my own experiences I learned that there’s more to a country than what we see in the media. Many friends I’ve met are always astonished at the beauty of certain places the visit that they don’t hear much about it on the news or through other forms of media. I didn’t want to use media to know a country and that is also the reason why I came to Iran.

The things under the veil and behind the media are always more worthy to know. It doesn’t matter for me where I’ve been or where I will go. The most important thing for me is always what i feel.

After staying in Iran for almost two months, I started to getting used to everything there, including the language. Things are always like this in my experience.  After you’ve really begin to learn more about a place, you begin to feel and realize how very little you know. er forms of media. I didn’t want to use media to know a country and that is also the reason why I came to Iran.