Rebecca Gourrier, Travel and Life

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My first long-traveling experience was in Wuhan, China.

Coming from a small town in France, Asia, in particularly China appeared from a far like a life-time adventure, and this was the opportunity to prove I could go for the unknown.

 Exciting ! -I set this new trip as my main challenge. Was I able to « survive » in a complete different environment for 6 months ?

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I realized I was so used to my little comfort, and cosy way of living at home that basic things in life felt like a real accomplishment back there. And that’s actually when moments became excellent !

To remember every single, tiny piece of it, I thought of writing down my first impressions on about, everything. Even the most anodyne things, they appeared somehow...unbelievable for me at the time, and I collected them in my small diary.

Two years later, I can now laugh about these moments, and even be proud. When I think about it now, I was surprised of seeing « plastic bags » for umbrellas, rats of the size of a cat, or even remembered how the water tasted weird.

Besides what I found interesting, unfamiliar, strange, amusing, sorry or exciting. I realized I wrote a lot about how I wanted to change. Now, I know I can adapt to many different environments, I might be more outgoing than before, and also really passionate of understanding people’s culture and way of thinking.

After that experience, my attitude towards many aspects in life has developed into positiveness. I am currently in Taiwan, and I absolutely adore my stay here. The « Heart of Asia », Taiwan has the advantage of its location to explore many other countries. After visiting Japan, Thailand, and Penghu Island, I hope to visit more wonderful places soon !