Marie Johnson, Rocking the Ryukyu

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Picturesque, serene, unique and exciting is how I describe my home, Okinawa Japan. Every day can be an adventure with hidden jewels of white sand, green, blue warm water, delicious, organic meals and rich Ryukyu and Japanese culture.  I'm always eager engage in all of the many adventures that's available just minutes away from my home.

Although I've yet to scuba dive, Okinawa  is well known as a premiere diving location for daytime and nighttime diving, for divers of all experience levels. I did have the pleasure of paragliding during my time here. It was absolutely amazing.  After running one or two steps, I was catapulted into the air and felt like I was actually flying, weightlessly in the air. 

Okinawa is only a short flight from mainland Japan with daily ferry rides to some of the smaller surrounding islands available as well. From there, you can hop on a scooter or rent and ride a bike during your explorations through these new and amazing locations.  People are friendly and engaging, and I would certainly recommend for solo or group travel and exploration. 

In regards to the food,  only two words come in my, YUM YUM! Fresh fish and other delicacies from the ocean are caught and prepared daily much to the pleasure of your taste buds.  Even if you're not a seafood lover, there are several other snacks and delicious food and pastries for all to enjoy.   For a stress free, relaxing, and adventurous vacation,  I would highly recommend everyone to come and Rock the Ryukyu in Okinawa! 




For a stress free, relaxing, adventurous vacation;  I would highly recommend for everyone to come and Rock the Ryukyu in Okinawa!