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1. I understand that a this trip does not include airfare.
2. I view a CP Travels experience as an investment in myself in order to grow and develop personally and professionally.
3. I understand that the costs associated with any required visas and/or immunizations are not included in my purchase unless I purchase a specialty product. Otherwise, I am responsible for securing my own visa and/or immunizations if applicable.
4. I understand that that there are no refunds for my purchase of this experience. I understand that it is highly recommended that I get comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance to protect my investment.
5. One of the primary reasons I travel is to truly immerse myself in the culture of a new destination, and I understand that not all places have my familiar standards of the Western world (American foods, air conditioning, cultural or religious norms, etc).
6. I understand that I will be unplugged from technology at certain points throughout the trip.
7. I approach new experiences with an open mind and a fearless attitude.
8. I understand that my CP Travels experience is not built on the notion of partying, being seen or turning up, but is built on learning about a destination on it's deepest level: through the people.
9. I understand that I will be sharing a room (two separate beds) during this experience unless I purchase a single room upgrade. Purchasing an experience does not guarantee availability of a single room.
10. I understand that this is not a "lay on the beach" type of vacation. Because our activities can be rigorous (hiking, surfing, swimming), I understand that any health / physical limitations that would prevent me from completing the activities will be subject to review and may result in the cancellation of my trip. (Note: It is highly recommended that you are in good physical shape).
*Exceptions: All Experiences are non-refundable. We strongly suggest that clients purchase comprehensive cancel for any reason travel insurance. Refer to Booking Terms and Conditions for more information.
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