For the Culture, Taiwan

For the Culture, Taiwan


Travel for seven days on the island of Taiwan with CP Travels.  Price includes the cost of flights, accommodation, and ground transportation. 

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Sample Itinerary* 

We build our itineraries based on your interest in order to maximize your travel experience. 


After landing in Taipei, you will settle in and then we will head out to explore Shilin Night Market once the sun goes down. No market compares to this one especially at night as it has more than 600 food vendors, small restaurants, and nonfood stalls. Get your food fix with stinky tofu, or find your favorite new undiscovered fashion designer along the alleys; Shilin offers a little something for everyone. Beyond the food and immense shopping it has to offer, it offers cinemas, video arcades, and karaoke bars. 


We'll head to deep into Taipei to then explore Taipei zoo and the Maokong Gondola that sits on Maokong Hill. It offers an astonishing view over Taipei because it is located on the edge of Taipei Basin so the entire city can be seen from atop the mountain. It is most known for its many teahouses and is the largest tea growing area in Taipei. 

After that we'll head to Taipei 101 one of the tallest buildings in the world. The skyscraper boasts 101 floors and offers amazing views of Taipei city. We'll head up to the 91st floor on two of the worlds fastest elevators, and experience the breathtaking view on the outdoor observatory. If you're hungry, Taipei 101 is home to 28 fast food style restaurants, 8 gourmet restaurants and 6 gourmet cafes.  

Rounding out our day we'll visit Longshan Temple. It's one of the oldest temples in Taipei City. It was built in 1738 by the first Chinese settlers who came from Fujian. It's located in Wanhua, Taipei's oldest district. Wanhua is famous for having some of the biggest and most traditional markets in the city. 


On our last day in Taipei we will visit Yangminshan National Park. It's one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Asia with gorgeous landscapes such as ridges, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls. This famous park is visited by many for its cherry blossoms, hot springs, and hiking trails. It also features Taiwan's largest dormant volcano. It's flora and fauna are also great reasons for us to visit. There are currently 1,539 species of plants in the park, to go along with its 123 different species of birds.

To wind down our stint in Taipei, we will end with a stay in the Beitou hot springs. This place is known for its natural resources and wonderful scenery. Beitou Hot Springs are known the world over for their sulphur content which is renown for it's healing ability. With public and private hot springs available as well as massages, facials, and manicures, you'll certainly find the personal care you need.  


By now we're sure you've seen some things that you either want more of, want to learn more about, or simply want to explore on your own. Take this day to do just that. If you run out of ideas, don't worry, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. 

DAY 5, 6 &7 — HUALIEN

East coast's residents take their religions very seriously. That's why we’re going to visit one of the many temples scattered around the city. DongjingchanTemple is a particularly fascinating Buddhist shrine where you'll find golden Buddha statues and a sort of tranquility.

We'll also visit the main attraction in Hualien; Taroko National Park and the magnificent Gorge that it holds. Taroko Gorge is known for it’s deep marble canyons, rushing rivers, and massive cliffs. It also features some of Taiwan's best hiking trails, grottos, pagodas, high suspension bridges and attractive resort towns.

We’ll also visit Still Thoughts Hall and see it's majestic roof. It's got to be one of the most beautiful and photogenic structures on the island. The Tzu Chi Foundation is the world's biggest charitable Buddhist society located near the hall.

Only a ten-minute ride outside the city, is a long, quiet beach that is a great place to enjoy expansive views of both the sea and the mountains. We’ll visit the beach, which is covered with black stones and has an amazing view. 

Lastly we’ll visit the Qingshui Cliffs. It gives the best view of the turquoise water of the Pacific Ocean.

DAY 6, 7 & 8 — TAINAN

Tainan is one of the oldest cities in Taiwan. It is the old capital of the island, and has a wealth of history to learn about and explore. The first place we’ll visit is Anping Old Fort. It is one of the most historical forts in Taiwan; the fort was built by the Dutch from 1624 to 1634 and was originally named Orlande, but was later renamed as Anping Old Fort in 1662. Now the fort functions as a museum where travelers can learn a little more about Taiwan’s history. Around the fort is Anping Old Street, a historical street where handmade products and food are sold. After a visit to the fort, we can walk around the streets to check out what vendors are selling.

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*Experiences with CP Travels are available from August 8th 2017*