Egypt: 30 for 30

Egypt: 30 for 30

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January 12-27

Explore all that Egypt has to offer - both its major sights and its tucked-away treasures.

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January 12-27

$1500 total ($400 deposit+ $1100)

Flights can be arranged upon request

This event is a celebration so each day will be filled with culture, adventure, and great food. Your CP Travel curators will provide you with all the options you have to explore Egypt, a country like no other.

Travel to Egypt and experience the history and culture on a tour that explores Cairo, cruises along the Nile and visits Luxor, Alexandria and the coastal town of Hurghada. Be humbled by the grandeur of the pyramids, step back in time at magnificent pharaonic tombs, let cares melt away while cruising the Nile in a felucca. Explore all that Egypt has to offer - both its major sights and its tucked-away treasures.

In true CP Travels fashion, you own your vacation. What you do each day is up to you, but you can always follow your curators and explore with our pre-planned itinerary. Continue below to see how we'll spend our time in Dubai: 


  • Explore the marvels, mythology and mystery of Ancient Egypt, including the Pyramids at Giza and the tombs of iconic pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings

  • Cairo is a place like no other; a rambling metropolis of sand-beaten colours, and you'll have plenty of time to lose yourself in the colours and aromas of this fascinating city

  • Bask in the unique atmosphere of Aswan and experience not only the warmth and charm of Nubian hospitality, but also some delicious traditional cuisine on a homestay

  • Set sail on one of the world’s most iconic rivers with an included felucca trip down the Nile. Relax and soak up the landscapes and scenes of everyday Egyptian life

  • Unwind in the vibrant beach resort of Hurghada and explore the extraordinary ecosystem of Giftun Island in the Red Sea

  • Uncover one of the greatest cities of antiquity – Alexandria, reborn as Egypt’s alternative capital