China: Golden Week

China: Golden Week

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October 20-30

$1800 total ($300 deposit+ $1500)

Flights can be arranged upon request

Get a taste of China on this short but culture-filled adventure. Travel from modern Shanghai to old Beijing and explore busy Xi'an, taking in iconic attractions such as the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors along the way. Of course, there is time to delve beneath the surface, discovering gourmet delights and learning about Chinese life and traditions.

In true CP Travels fashion, you own your vacation. What you do each day is up to you, but you can always follow your curators and explore with our pre-planned itinerary. Here's how we'll spend our time in China: 


  • Witness the impressive feats of the famous Shanghai acrobats
  • wander the narrow streets of quaint shops, lively markets, groups of white-bearded men in skull caps sipping tea in cafes, and the Great Mosque, one of the most important in China
  • Climb the great wall of China, and stay one night at a local guest house near the wall.
  • Tour and explore the famous Tian'anmen Square
  •  Visit the enormous Forbidden City. Built more than 500 years ago
  • Get lost among the maze of peaceful cobblestone streets lined with village buildings
  • Wander through the small streets and across the bridges that criss-cross the town

*Notes: This trip travels on overnight hard sleeper trains on sections of the journey. Train travel in China may not be entirely luxurious, but it's certainly one of the best ways to come face-to-face with the country and its people. It's the main form of transport for locals, so take the chance to interact. 


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