For The Culture

When people ask, "where are you from?" I'm quick to reply, "America." Sometimes I go a bit more in depth, "St. Louis," but that's usually where things end. In the summer of 2017 we went to Kenya and I was asked the same question. 

"Brother, where are you from?"

"America." I replied.

"No, where are you from?"

I stood there shocked and confused and slightly embarrassed because I couldn't tell him anything other than what I'd already said. "I'm not from Kenya."

"Well, you look Kenyan, so you are from Kenya. Welcome home." he said shaking my hand.

We traveled to Kenya because Carl had traced his family's lineage there and wanted to connect with his roots. This trip opened our eyes to how little we actually know about ourselves; how little we, as a people, know about ourselves. 

We want to change that.

In early 2018, after tracing our ancestry, we will begin traveling with the goal finding where our families began. However, we don’t plan on stopping there.

Many people seldom are granted the opportunity to return to their homeland to learn of its native people's culture and history. Although many of us may not know where "home" is, we want to give access to as many areas and aspects of the motherland as possible. 

We are excited and anxious to take on this next venture.

This is bigger than us.

This is more than travel. This is for the culture.