HoneyMoon Full Package

HoneyMoon Full Package


Congratulations! Soon you will be joined together in a beautiful union. We here at CP Travels are beyond honored to be able to help you get to the destination of your dreams for your honeymoon. 

We pride ourselves on giving our honeymoon packages the priority and attention that they deserve. To make sure that this happens, we provide the following: 

The consultation includes:

3 Consultations:

1. To get an idea of what our couples want and need and make sure we meet and exceeds all expectations. 

2. After we provide destination options, we keep space and time available for you to give us feedback of what you want more or less of. 

3. Once you narrow down your option, we speak to you one last time about what you want. We finalize days and details and then move out of the honeymoon phase of the package, and into the final confirmation stage. 

The Honeymoon Package includes:

1. Full detailed itinerary for honeymoon destination including flights and accommodation reservations. 

2. 2 Follow up consultations on destination

3. 3-5 page wedding website plus registry



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