Basic Travel Itinerary

Basic Travel Itinerary


Recommended for budget travelers and those with little time or experience with planning an international trip. This options provides you with the information that you need to comfortably navigate your city and the flexibility to freely explore your travel destination.

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The Basic Travel Itinerary Includes:

  • Weather Forecast
    • A full forecast for your dates in your select city
  • Local Map with highlighted Points of Interest
    • A general map of the city of your choice with points of interest highlighted making it easier to get around
  • Recommendations on things to do, places to visit and eat
    • Sight-seeing tours, points of interest, local cuisine, nightlife spots, hidden gems, etc.
  • Useful phrases with translations when applicable
    • English to language-of-your choice phonetic translations and character (script, letter, etc. when applicable) translations
  • Tips on getting around and transportation prices
    • a quick guide to currency exchange and prices for moving about within the city