CP Consultants

“Train up a teacher the way they should go, and as they continue teaching, they won't depart from it" CP Consultants have the passion and experience to provide your institution with what it needs. Let us take you further.



We get you the teachers you need:

  1. We recruit directly from the United States and other institutions and platforms

  2. We assist teachers with accommodation and living adjustments once they arrive in Taiwan

  3. Teacher take part in our two week training program



With over a decade of experience, we prepare teachers for the classroom and the culture:

  1. Teachers receive ESL classroom training from experienced ESL teachers

  2. Teachers receive cultural training for inside and outside of the classroom

  3. Teachers are trained on student contests and competitions

  4. Teachers receive introductory Mandarin Chinese lessons



We help admins build stronger, lasting, diverse teams:

  1. We train administrative teams on how to manage strong, diverse teams

  2. We train administrative teams on how to organize/lead instructors for student competitions and contest

  3. We train administrative teams on how to build sustainable working environments with effective and efficient communication strategies


How It Works

  1. We meet with your school or institution and learn more about your needs, your goals, your culture, and expectations.

  2. We prepare a proposal including marketing material and handouts detailing how we will work with you moving forward, and how we will present your school to perspective candidates.

  3. We match you with the best candidate/program that fits your needs.

  4. Candidates participate in our training program and receive monthly check-ins from CP Consultants.

  5. We follow up with administrators or representatives monthly for feedback or assistance.

Why Us?

  1. With over a decade of experience both teaching and managing diverse international teams in more than two private junior and senior high schools in Taiwan, our teams equipped to provide the best possible service to your institution.

  2. Our team has managers, directors, and teachers who have taught nearly every subject, managed several teams, and understand the experience of cross cultural communication and understanding. Our team is comprised of both foreign and Taiwanese leaders.

  3. Our team has recruited more than 100 candidates to work in Taiwan, with 3/4 of those candidates staying at the same institution for more than 2 years. We understand the value of consistency with teachers.

  4. We value your needs. We don’t just find a teacher for you, we match the teacher with your institution based on your needs and their abilities. We want to build something that lasts.

  5. The best teams we’ve been a part of, have great communication from both it’s foreign and domestic members. We will work to help foster an atmosphere of cooperation, dedication, and collaboration.

  6. We’re here!! We’re not just a one stop shop service. We’re here for your institution and it’s teachers when you need us. We want to ensure the best teachers are paired with the amazing students in Taiwan.