Bali is one of those places that once you visit, you can never forget. Located in Indonesia, it is one of the smallest islands of the archipelago, and despite it's tiny size it is easily the most popular. Most people don't even know that Bali is a part of Indonesia and just think it's a country in and of itself( ex./ Singapore, the Vatican City, New York), and even if they do know, most can't name another island in Indonesia without looking it up- go on, try it.  

Known the world over for its beautiful beaches, iconic rice paddy fields, breathtaking cliffside temples, and ridiculously low cost-of-living, it's no wonder that Bali has become the go-to destination for digital nomads, yoga retreats, and political V.I.P's (cough* The Obamas vacation here *cough).

This island paradise is a little over 2,000 square miles, just slightly bigger than Delaware, and it was voted as the world's favorite destination by TripAdvisor in 2017.

What makes this destination so special is how much culture the tiny island packs; it's nearly impossible to go more than a few blocks without encountering a new temple, or shrine dedicated to one of the many Hindu deities that 84% of the population worship. What also adds to the allure is just how easy it is to get around and how quickly you can transition from an urban environment to a rural setting. One minute you can be staring at he Indian Ocean from atop the cliffside temple of Uluwatu, and in a matter of minutes you can be rafting through a jungle river under the shadow of a (somewhat) dormant volcano, while looking for the hidden waterfall.

Bali is always a wonderful destination for when it's time to get away, and your New Year's celebration will be no different. 

As we move forward with the planning process this page will be updated with your full itinerary as well as a way for you to make payments towards your trip.

For now, use the link below to make your $50 non-refundable deposit and reserve your spot. 



  • Cost of housing
  • Cost of driver(s)
  • Cost of individual tours (tbd)
  • International flight tickets
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  • Personal expenses, beverages at lunch and/or dinner
  • Customary tips to your drivers, guides and escorts
  • Temple entry fees
  • Scooter/Motorcycle Rental fees
  • VISA expenses (if applicable)

8 days/7 nights     DEC. 27-Jan. 3


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