what we do

Very simply, we plan custom group trips and excursions around the world. 

What goes into planning a trip? Rather than you researching 20 hours for a place you've never been, we do the work for you. That means: researching flights, booking accommodations, finding things to do, booking tours, suggesting places to eat, arranging transportation, handling visas, providing tips on the cultural etiquette, creating a helpful translation guide, and more. 

Having traveled to 50 countries while establishing global partnerships with other travel groups, we have the experience and resources to design a unique experience that will last a lifetime. 


Our Mission

CP Travels is committed to creating unique and affordable travel experiences for people from all walks of life. 

Who is CP Travels?

Carl Hill Jr. is a Chicago native and a 2010 graduate of DePauw University where he majored in Sociology, Anthropology and Chinese. After spending six months studying in Beijing, he moved to Taiwan where he was an English teacher and foreign staff manager at a private high school for six years. He has visited 40 different countries, traveling extensively through South East Asia and Western Europe, and speaks three languages proficiently: English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. His biography, The Unexpected Perspective is available on both Amazon and BookBaby. Carl is CP Travels' community director and event coordinator.

Patrick Springer is a writer from St. Louis, Missouri who began traveling internationally in 2011 after graduating from DePauw University where he and Carl met. His first venture abroad was to Taiwan, where he lived for six years. During that time he traveled through 30 different countries across five continents. Patrick is CP Travels' web designer, videographer and graphic artist.