June: Taiwan

June: Taiwan


Taipei - Hualien - Tainan - Sun Moon Lake


CP Travels is dedicated to giving back and providing opportunities for as many young learners as they possibly can. As millennials, we understand that the corporate world demands years of experience that many recent graduates simply do not have and we realize that world travel is an invaluable experience that many companies look for in new candidates. We realize that for many, access to authentic cultural immersion experiences is not always easily accessible and as a company we’re working to change that.

We have lived, worked, and explored the island of Taiwan for more than six years. During that time we have hosted summer interns from DePauw University for the past five consecutive years for educational studies, and have hired more than 35 DePauw alum to live and work in Taiwan over the past 6 years. Even after all of those years we still feel as though we can do more.

The CP Travels team has generated an opportunity in Taiwan and is offering it to students. CP Travels will be leading unique summer Cultural Immersion Experiences that touch on a variety of different topics on the beautiful island of Taiwan.

For more info to how students can be a part of this experience and what to expect, read below and email us at info@cptravels.com

Session 1: June 1st - 15th 

Session 2: June 16th - 30th 

*additional sessions available upon request

Known as the heart of Asia, a quick trip to Taiwan reveals exactly how the island country got its nickname. The island is a wonderful blend of city and nature and the two coexist beautifully.  As one of the few countries in the world where you can spend the morning hiking to the top of a mountain, the afternoon lounging on the beach, and the evening partying it up in the city, Taiwan has something to offer for everyone. Did we mention that Taiwan also has the highest concentration of convenience stores and temples in the world, and the whole island has free public wifi?

Experience Highlights

  • Explore the fantastically quirky food in Shilin night market.

  • Panoramic views of Taipei from the 2nd tallest building in the world.

  • Paragliding from atop a mountain to the beach.

  • River tracing and waterfall jumping.  

**Full itinerary below


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