Travelers recount their experiences exploring various destinations through CP Travels. 


Andrew B.K. Smith

I was in Indiana for 10 years and I decided to move back to new York. A month within returning home, Carl of CP Travels supported me in making a trip overseas. It's important to note that I said supported and not convinced. I like to travel and always wanted to travel. CP travels gave me the intangible support to make that opportunity happen for me. I was able to go with ppl who aren’t my family. I brought my energy on this trip and it was  supported. The experience of getting to Thailand and my time there was beyond incredible thanks to CP Travels.  I am forever grateful because this was life changing for someone like me. So much so that my business partner and I are looking to move back for 3 months and expand our business. CP Travels is an overall experience. Those who just wish to go on a trip, need not apply.

Rochelle Rose

I decided to go to Thailand within less than 3 weeks of going. That is the shortest amount of time I have ever planned to go abroad. CP Travels made it possible for me to just buy my ticket and pay for my room and they took care of the rest. Everything was laid out and well organized.  My trip in Thailand was filled with fun, excitement, adventure and cultural exposure. The most memorable part of my trip was  going on the speed boat ride. It was absolutely exhilarating and filled with beautiful scenery. 




For the culture, we have to give it up to CP Travels. They're good at what they do. Regardless where in the world it is, they do it all. From their website to the podcast they have a wealth of knowledge and information to share and offer toward any experience. For my experience in Taiwan and Thailand with CP Travels, they went out of their way to provide us with an unforgettable experience without us even asking for it. If you're looking for a custom experience of a lifetime, definitely go with CP Travels. I'm forever grateful CP, ya'll the real MVP's. 



As a rising senior at Ball State University I had not yet had the chance to travel outside of the country. It's something I certainly wanted to do while in undergrad and CP Travels provided me with an unconventional way to do so. Choosing to travel to Taiwan with CP Travels for spring break, while many of my other friends went to Florida and other frequented spring break location in the states was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did a receive a hefty dose of culture in a place I never in a million years thought I would go, they also gave me the blueprint on how I could travel efficiently and effectively thereafter. While still a novice traveler, because of CP Travels I'm prepared to take on a world of adventure through traveling. Thanks Guys!


One of the best things about CP Travels is that for places that you are interested in going to, or if you simply need a reference on some good places to visit based on your interest, they've got you covered. They've traveled to so many places that they are able to give you first hand knowledge and information about wherever you're trying to go which eases the stress of traveling to a new place for the first time. I enjoyed my time exploring the island of Taiwan with CP Travels. Not only did I see a lot, I learned a lot about the culture and the people.