Explore The Beautiful Island of  Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island with a lot to offer. Explore the ins and outs of the Formosan island with expats and locals who have spent close to a decade traveling and discovering the many amazing sites and scenery of Taiwan. 


For the Culture

Temples, night markets, beaches, motorcycle/scooter rides, sunrises over the mountains, hiking, and more are all a part of this experience. No sitting on tour buses for hours. No falling into tourist traps. No language barrier. CP Travels gives you all of these things in an authentic custom made travel experience abroad that will leave you not only beyond a novice traveler of the island, but provide you with the know how and skills you need to own your own vacation in whatever destination you travel to next. 

For the Future

CP Travels is dedicated to giving back and providing opportunities for as many young learners as they possibly can. As millennials, we understand that the corporate world demands years of experience that many recent graduates simply do not have. We realize that world travel is an invaluable experience that many companies look for in new candidates. We understand that for many, access to authentic cultural immersion experiences is not always easily accessible. As a company we’re working to change that by offering these experiences in Taiwan to college students across America. 



Nomads Land

Spend one month to a full year working remotely and experiencing the life of a true expat on the beautiful island of Taiwan! Taiwan has a growing expat community with a wealth of opportunity for networking with other entrepreneurs and establishing long-term connections. Taiwan is also incredibly affordable which makes it ideal for exploring during your extended stay. It's the perfect destination for an authentic nomadic experience.