Before you buy

We're so excited to hear that you're interested in taking part in one of our events for 2017! Not only will your participation in the event be a life changing experience, but you'll be helping to change someone else's life as well! Now, before you click purchase and unlock our full itinerary, there are a few things that you should know. 


Paying It Forward

60% of what is raised during the trip will be donated directly to The Lupus Foundation of America: The Heartland Chapter and The Bee Foundation for Brain Aneurysm Awareness. The remaining 40% will be used to help other travelers on the trip live out some of their bucket list goals. 


CP Travels Payment Plans & How They Work

Paying for a big international trip upfront can set you back a pretty penny and can delay a lot of other plans that you may have. Now, in the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" It's for this very reason that we are introducing individual payment plans for all of our trips. When you click "RESERVE YOUR SPOT" you will be placing a small down payment towards the full price of your trip. Depending on the trip, this can range from $200-$500. That down payment allows us to lock in the price for your plane ticket and reserve your room before the inevitable price surge of travel season. 

Our payment plans are individually catered to fit your needs and budget and are paid in installments until the date of your trip. The full price that you will pay is listed on each trip.


Cancellation Fees

This part makes us sad. :( 

We understand that sometimes things change and you have to make changes to your plans and sometimes those changes involve having to cancel a trip. While we hope you don't ever have to cancel your trip, you do deserve nice things after all, our cancellation fees are as follows:

6 months or more before the trip- Cancellation fee is 25%

3-5 month before the trip- Cancellation fee is 50%

1-2 months before the trip- Cancellation fee is 75%

7 days before the trip- Cancellation fee is 100%

*cancellation percentages are based on the amount that you have paid up to that point, and not the total cost of the trip. All cancelations are subject to a minimum $75 service charge.