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CP Travels

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Our Mission

CP Travels is committed to creating unique travel experiences for people from all walks of life. The first step is always the most difficult, and we strive to help those we work with reach their travel goals with ease and ZERO setbacks.  


Beyond The Standard

We work with each of our CP Travelers to create a custom travel experience that best fits their travel desire for every location they wish to visit. Through our in depth traveler survey, and personal interviews with each member of the CP Travels team, we leave no bases uncovered and no question unasked when working to create the final travel package. 

We want to know your vision for your experience and more. If you are a vegan, we'll make sure you find the places that fit your diet. Not big on partying? No problem, we'll guide you to the right entertainment that fits your persona. Don't want to waste a single moment during your well deserved vacation? We'll pack your itinerary from top to bottom with non stop action to keep you on your toes and maximize your travel experience. We care and want to know everything that makes you the amazing person that you are, and want to use all these facts and more to create the best experience possible for our travelers.



"One of the best things about CP Travels is that for places that you are interested in going to, or if you simply need a reference on some good places to visit based on your interest, they've got you covered. They've traveled to so many places that they are able to give you first hand knowledge and information about wherever you're trying to go which eases the stress of traveling to a new place for the first time. I enjoyed my time exploring the island of Taiwan with CP Travels. Not only did I see a lot, I learned a lot about the culture and the people. "

/  Laverne Hill  /



At CP Travels we realize that not everyone is afforded the luxury of being able to travel internationally as freely as they would like to. That does not mean that the desire for a change in scenery and a refreshing motivating experience disappears. If anything it's quite the opposite. If you're a native of Houston, Texas working long hours each day and have one free weekend in your nearby future to go somewhere in America but no time to plan it, we want to be the people that you turn to. 

We, CP Travels, as people want to reach out to and help the everyday person who wants to know what options they have in taking a break from reality and enjoying life to the fullest, without paying an exorbitant amount of money, or working through a package that's been used by several hundreds of people and not catered to your own needs, wants, and desires. 

At CP Travels we understand how quickly work can consume even the most organized of individuals.  Before they know it, everything they had planned is so far at the end of the tunnel that bothering to look or even think of planning becomes stressful in and of itself. That's why we are available via email, online registration, phone calls, and when applicable personal visits to you directly to help get your travel adventure planned and off the ground. 


"I was in Indiana for 10 years and I decided to move back to new York. A month within returning home, Carl of CP Travels supported me in making a trip overseas. It's important to note that I said supported and not convinced. I like to travel and always wanted to travel. CP travels gave me the intangible support to make that opportunity happen for me. I was able to go with ppl who aren’t my family. I brought my energy on this trip and it was  supported. The experience of getting to Thailand and my time there was beyond incredible thanks to CP Travels.  I am forever grateful because this was life changing for someone like me. So much so that my business partner and I are looking to move back for 3 months and expand our business. CP Travels is an overall experience. Those who just wish to go on a trip, need not apply."

/  Andrew 'B.K.' Smith  /