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travel. With a purpose


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Travel agents with experience

CP Travels L.L.C. is a travel planning and consultancy company. Our trips are designed to meet your individual needs and no two trips are the same.

Yes, we’re travel agents, but we’re also explorers. We advise you on the best locations to visit and things to do and plan trips based on your needs by using our experience-not just online research. Our tours are curated by locals and are led by experience.


Travel with a purpose

Every month in 2017 we will be hosting a group trip to a different country. Proceeds go towards Lupus and Brain Aneurysm research.


live adventurously

CP Travels wants to provide new and unique ways to travel and see the world. Whether it's to a new country, a new city, or even a new corner of your own town, CP Travels is there for you. Our mission is to create memories that last a lifetime and experiences that you'll never forget. 


Change Your Perspective

Visit the narrow alleys of Taiwan's old street. Explore the cave systems of Vietnam. Get lost in a new country without leaving your home.